shamisen = best cat evar

shamisen = best cat evar

I’m pretty confused in this next task. The email told us to ‘explain why we need to be creative’ and ‘in your opinion, describe the most innovative company in the world’.

But… I remember everyone (Beta? Tutor?) saying that the task is REVISED. We just need to make a post about “the most important innovation in this world according to you”.

Fine, I’ll do that. Though I might tap in to those abandoned tasks later… for extra scores obviously kihihih~

Now here’s some prelude. I think one of the most important thing in this world is COMMUNICATION. Without communication, NOTHING in this world would make sense. Communication is everywhere. Technology, career, educatiion even daily interaction, all of them requires communication. That’s because communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another.

In a sense, without any form of communication, the world will be in chaos. Right?

Okay. So. In my opinion. The most important innovation in my life is the invention of LANGUAGE, LETTERS, and WORDS.

(look, I don’t know if this is considered as a valid innovation, but I’m pretty sure the invention of something is an example of innovation, especially judging from my friends’ work in their blogs)

Those three elements define communication. Without those things, humans will have a hard time in communicating. Heck, they’ll be forced to use signs. A tedious way to communicate if you ask me.

Here, I’ll write a script of a conversation between a CAT and some guy from a certain series. Some of them are lightly edited btw… and kudos to those who knew the source.

Person: *joking to the cat* Good work… I’ll buy you some cat food later. Or maybe you’d prefer dried sardines?

Cat: I’d be fine with either.

GASP, SUPRISE SURPRISE, THE CAT IS TALKING! Everyone’s shocked, obviously. Its a TALKING CAT for god’s sake!

Cat: I wonder if I said something wrong…?


Cat: I don’t know why you’re all so surprised. It’s true I may be making sounds which appear to be human speech to you. But assuming that, how are you certain that I’m making these sounds with the meaning you think they imply?

Person: That’s obvious. You’re answering my questions, after all.

Cat: It could just be that the sounds I’m making coincidentally match the answers to your questions.

Person: If you accept that logic then even the validity of human conversation comes into question…

Cat: That is absolutely true. Even supposing you were performing some action that appears to be a conversation, there’s no way for you to confirm that your will is being communicated through it.

(that is one smart cat BTW)

The cat basically took a swipe at the fundamentals of our language… you see, if language was never invented, we’ll be growling and screaming like those primitive ancestors of ours, and people won’t be able to recognize our will that we try to communicate… they might mistook and misunderstood what we’re really trying to

Letters are just as important. We can’t write anything without letters… unless you want to draw everything to communicate with someone.

Its pretty much the same with words. The significance on a word will define the existence of the meaning or concept behind the word.

George Orwell’s 1984 explains this with newspeak. If the word FREEDOM is abolished from the world, people won’t be able to grasp the concept of ‘freedom’. They won’t even have a thought about it. Another example would be the elimination of the word SCIENCE that will cause people to lose the ability to own the empirical method of thought… simply because there isn’t a word to describe it!

Okay. Without those three things; language, letters, and words, you won’t be able to even read this blog post right? Now, I’m going to pretend that you understand english… can read letters… and know the meaning of the words that I used… supposed that you do…

Can you confirm that my will is being communicated through this writing? Are you sure I’m making this writing with the meaning that you think they imply?



3 Responses to “#008 Tugas Kedua: IMPORTANT INNOVATION”

  1. hush-shush Says:

    hooo… so you read 1984, huh? gw udah tertarik pengen baca sedari dulu, gara-gara (gosip-gosipnya fans) lagu radiohead yang berjudul “fitter happier” berkaitan dengan 1984.

    so, would you like to tell me the summary of the book? kali aja gw jadi tertarik buat ngelanjutin. gw baru baca 2 atau 3 halaman, terus capek karena terlalu deskriptif. gw pikir, “nih kapan ada konflik-konflik atau seru-serunya dah…”

    but no spoiler please.

  2. A++ buat mention of 1984 and newspeak.

    summary but no spoiler? no dice. mending dibaca sih, karena twistnya cepet nongol di ceritanya.

    fitter happier menurut gw itu kyk lagu yg ada sarcasm against the ideal person/ideas as thought of by society. makanya lyricsnya semuanya punya pandangan positif, tapi suaranya monoton, dan musik backgroundnya pianonya lebih mengadopsi tone yg rada2 gloomy gitu..

  3. ^Yeah, bener, ngga bisa gw ngasi summary buat 1984… karena, ehem, ngga ada yang enak buat di-summary-in.

    Chapter 1 EMANG GITU. Kacau. Plotnya berjalan kayak bekicot. Chapter 1 tuh full deskriptif tentang systemnya, kayak yang elo bilang. Baru lah di Chapter 2 ada ceritanya ‘jalan’. Tapi tetep aja sih sepanjang buku emang kebanyakan begitu.

    I know nothing about Radiohead.

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